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Start your own validator in our infrastructure with only 8 ETH and mint your NFT as your next generation asset.

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Your Validator, your NFT - Full Transparency

Our validator NFTs provide full transparency and control over your staked assets, giving you peace of mind, confidence in your investments, and possibility to use them on secondary markets and DeFi.


Best in Class APR

Our innovative staking solutions offer the highest returns in the market, giving you the best value for your money. Stake with us today and see the difference for yourself.


Staking with Blockscape means that you have complete ownership and control over your digital assets. We believe in giving our users the power to make their own decisions, without any interference or restrictions.

Shared Knowledge

When you stake with Blockscape, you benefit from our our experience in high-resilient validator service and secure infrastructure solution. We share our knowledge with you to give you a higher reward.


Compliance is top priority at Blockscape. Our products prioritize legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring that your digital assets are safe and legally sound.

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We made it Work just for You

Getting your personal validator couldn't be much easer than this. Take a look at our walkthrough to see how.

Opportunities for Every Budget …

Validator Vault

Secure your digital assets and have complete control over your stake through your own validator

Pool Vault

Diversify your digital assets and take advantage of a great variety of options.

Institutional Vault

Benefit from industry leading security and compliance standards, offering a secure platform for large-scale digital assets.

Brilliant Innovation Unveiled

Blockscape Vault is a smart contract solution that enables users to stake ETH and mint NFTs that represent their stake and rewards, allowing them to run their own validator with only 8 ETH.

How it works

as Easy and Safe as it Gets …


Choose the vault that suits your needs.


Stake your Ethereum profiting from our top-tier technology.


Get rewarded with high APY/APR and exclusive NFT.

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Reasons to Stake with Us


Top 10 Performing Validator

Benefit from access to out top-tier performing validators that you can count on.


Based in Switzerland

Blockscape is strategically located in one of the most stable and reliable countries in the world, providing a secure and dependable platform for your digital assets.


Carbon Neutral Hosting

Blockscape's commitment to operating with a carbon-neutral footprint means that your digital assets are not only secure and reliable, but also environmentally-friendly.


Staking Among a Giant


Blockscape launches Rocket Pool Validator NFTs.

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