Blockscape Validator Address
Machine learning-based strategies that dynamically optimize your portfolio. Sommelier is a DeFi blockchain protocol, built on the Cosmos SDK, and a bi-directional Ethereum bridge. Taken together, this collection serves as a co-processor to Ethereum - that is we are using a Cosmos chain to process as many of the calculations as possible off Ethereum. The protocol is powered by validators and LPs who can benefit from a wide array of transaction features, such as portfolio rebalancing and limit orders based on dynamically changing market conditions.

Secure and Performant

Our multi-party computation setup allows for 99,99% uptime and the highest standards of key security. We are constantly monitoring operations and stay ready to respond to critical incidents.


Distributed and Reliable

We are running on enterprise-grade infrastructure across multiple data centers across Europe and use distributed validator technology.


C02 Neutral and Non-Custodial

We are a German non-custody white-label provider that cares about environment. Therefore we host our entire platform on carbon neutrally run infrasturcture.