Terra Classic

Blockscape Validator Address
Terra Rebels is a decentralized organization having organically come together with the common goal of revitalizing the Terra Classic ecosystem. Through the efforts of volunteers, we endeavor to provide and deliver software clients to the community and validators. By reinstating Governance, Staking, and encoding the burn tax into the core protocol, it is our hope to continue serving the community effectively far into the future.

Secure and Performant

Our multi-party computation setup allows for 99,99% uptime and the highest standards of key security. We are constantly monitoring operations and stay ready to respond to critical incidents.


Distributed and Reliable

We are running on enterprise-grade infrastructure across multiple data centers across Europe and use distributed validator technology.


C02 Neutral and Non-Custodial

We are a German non-custody white-label provider that cares about environment. Therefore we host our entire platform on carbon neutrally run infrasturcture.