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Bitcoin on Cosmos

In this article, we explain the security risk of trusted setups like WBTC, and show you Nomic - a more trustless solution that works similarly to the externally verified bridge model the Gravity Bridge is using!

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Under the Bridge

Why secure Blockchain bridge architectures are important and Cosmos is leading when it comes to bridge security.

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A Beginners Guide: When and How to Use the Gravity Bridge Portal

Step-by-Step Guide for using our Gravity Bridge Portal: We tried to make the guide as easy as possible, added a F.A.Q./troubleshooting section for common issues, and defined the most common use cases of the Bridge Portal (and when it's better to do a deposit via IBC transfer instead).

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We are staying! Terra Classic — Our Statement

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR LUNA STAKERS Please note that we have decided to keep our Terra Luna Classic validator, which is operated by ourselves since the Lido network on Terra Classic has sun-setted. You can now delegate your LUNC with us again, so please take this opportunity and start receiving rewards. Read the whole statement in the Medium article!

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Stake your NOM with us!

NOMIC Stakenet is launched. Nomic is the Bitcoin Bridge, bringing Bitcoin to Cosmos. Included in the Stakenet is an airdrop of the NOM staking token which is claimable by all ATOM holders and stakers. You may now stake NOM and begin earning rewards – with. The NOMIC project is on early stage, but we are eager to support this project with our developer team.

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A Perfect Pairing

It's like having a good wine with friends. We are proud to be part of sommfinance - a great project with passionate people behind it. blockscape supports Sommelier's bidirectional Ethereum bridge and the consensus of Tendermint and Cosmos Hub. Sommelier will yield lower gas prices for Liquidity Providers growing demand to manage pool position and performance.

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Hackatom V — NFT Marketplace

Our award-winning CosmWasm smart contract from the HackAtom V competition, allowing users to sell, buy, trade and auction CW721-based NFTs for CW20-based fungible tokens.

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Here We AplikiGo!

Aligning economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management - read about our journey with Regen from the testnets all the way up to the mainnet, and beyond.

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Cudos is on the way!

The Cudos Network is a special-purpose blockchain designed to provide high-performance, trust-less, permission-less cloud computing for all.

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Gravity Bridge Portal 1.1 out!

With the newly launched Gravity Bridge Network, we are finally able to transfer assets between Ethereum and the Cosmos ecosystem.

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